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Dromore Road Primary School, Warrenpoint

Learning about germs.

18th Dec 2018

P4/5 carried out a science experiment to show how we can carry bacteria on our hands.  We took two pieces of bread from a loaf.  One we wrapped in cling film,  the other we passed around so everyone touched the bread.  We then wrapped it in cling film, like the first and left them both in our classroom.  We looked at the bread each week and noted down any changes.  After 1 week, blue mould had started to appear on the piece we touched, but the other piece had no blue mould.  After 3 weeks, the piece we passed around was completely covered in mould, while the untouched piece still had none.

The experiment demonstrated that the bacteria causing the blue mould had come from our hands and it reminded us how important it is to wash our hands before touching food.